Ayra Isaac

2D Artist and Illustrator


Hi there! I'm a full time illustrator hailing from Argentina. I draw mostly BL art, either fanarts or original characters, so that's the kind of content you will see from me. If you like my art, and you would like to request a commission, please check my commission info!Currently I'm working full time doing draft and inks for Kinkoid Studio's Gay Harem.


You will find most of my personal art here, both fanart or OCPlease do not repost/edit/trace any of my art


Here you will find the most prominent projects I have worked on commission.

Vortex Hills

2020-Present. VideoGame. Working as Sprite Artist.

The mysterious town of Vortex Hills is in the middle of nowhere, and the people of Vortex Hills are from somewhere else entirely. The town is also home to a Time Vortex. This anomaly is what brought these people here; stolen from the past to populate this unique place.

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The Prince and the Prick

2019-2020. Comic. Working as Illustrator. Includes a R18 Version.

Kyle is the attractive, stylish, well-loved star of the office...in his own mind. In reality, he's just the spoiled, womanizing, son of the boss.There's only one person that won't suck up to him: Isaac, the "Prince" of the office. Unable to handle rejection, Kyle finds himself working to gain Isaac's approval...but maybe there's a different reason he's being distant?This is a slice-of-life, opposites-attract, coming-out story that will make you laugh, scowl, and maybe probably more than likely squeal with delight.

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Whose Clues

2018.2020. VideoGame and Webtoon. Working as Sprite Artist.

Helena Montague, the heiress to a grand fortune, is mourning the recent death of her father. Feeling lonely at Chateau de Rouge, the large, ancestral mansion that she has just inherited, she’s invited several old friends to come and stay with her for a while, to keep her company.But being that it is a dark and stormy night, there are even some surprise visitors who arrive at the mansion, seeking shelter from the storm. Soon, the group realize that one member of their party is missing… and that something horrible has occurred there.Before the night is over, they find themselves solving a dark mystery, proving that one member of their group is a cold-blooded killer.

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All you need to know to request a commission from me goes here.Please read all the information here carefully before requesting a commission!CURRENT STATUS: OPEN

Terms of Service

Please read carefully before requesting a commission!
I reserve the right of declining a commission if it makes me uncomfortable.

I draw

- OCs (please provide visual references, otherwise there will be additional charges)
- Fanarts (I may refuse if it’s a NOTP though, please ask in advance)
- Nsfw (I may refuse if it makes me uncomfortable, please ask in advance)


- Mecha
- Gore/extreme violence
- Furry (but Galra are clearly OK ;) )
- Non/dub con
- Shota/lollicon
- Ovi, tentacles, scat, watersports, and other hardcore kinks

Illustration Process (subject to commission type)

- Delivery: as I'm currently working on a full time job, commissions may be delivered any time between two weeks to three months, depending on commission type, complexity and customer’s feedback.
- Sketch Stage: it begins upon payment. After the sketch is finished, you may request up to 3 major edits (pose, setting, etc).
- Lineart Stage: it begins once sketch has been approved. Once lineart is finished, at this point you may only request minor edits (accessory details, expressions, etc.).
- Flat colors: it begins once lineart has been approved. Once flat colors are finished, you may request up to 3 revisions on said colors.
- Full shading and highlighting: it begins after flat colors have been approved. Any edits at this stage may require additional charges. Check my Prices Section for more information on this.
- Once final artwork is deemed complete, I will send a high resolution file, 300dpi png, jpg or other.

ABout the commissioned artwork

I will draw commissions for personal use only, meaning that:
- You can use the art for private use, and print it for your own enjoyment.
- You can use the artwork as a profile/header pic of your social media, as long you credit me with a link back to my twitter or instagram.
- You cannot sell the work or use it to promote your projects.
- You cannot put the artwork on merchandise and profit from it.
- You cannot claim my art as yours, and you must always credit me when using it, with a link to my twitter or instagram profile.
- You cannot copy, edit, trace, re-upload any of my art.
- You cannot remove my signature or watermarks.
- I may post the commissioned artwork on my social media for showcase use.
However, if you would like me to work in a commercial long term project with you, please send an email at [email protected] so we can discuss the license and price details!


Payment process

- Please note: I am currently unable to offer refunds, so please have this in mind before payment.
- Payment will be carried out through Payoneer only, for which you do not need an account.
- Payment will be upfront.
- Once the commission request has been approved, I will send a payment invoice. For this, you will have to provide payment information, which includes: email, full name, country, and state (this last one, only if you are a US resident). I understand this may be uncomfortable for you, but this information will be used solely for the purposes of filling the requirements for sending a payment invoice through Payoneer, and will not be shared with other parties.
- Upon payment, the illustration process will begin.


- Currently I won't be offering full render pictures, but rather more simple pictures without backgrounds. Unfortunately I don't have the time to devote to more detailed pieces.
- Prices are per pair of characters, in USD and for personal use commissions only.
- Below there's the two types of commissions I'm offering:

Tier 1

Sketchy lineart, b/w or flat colors.Bust $80
Half-Body $120
Full-Body $160

Tier 2

Proper lineart, simple shading and rendering (mostly gradients).Bust $150
Half-Body $190
Full-Body $230

Additional Stuff

Additional character +50%
Single character comm -50%
Complex clothing starting from $25
Nsfw starting from $25
Additional minor changes +$10
Additional major changes starting from +$15


- Please send an email at [email protected] with the subject “Commission Request”, stating the type of commission you request, and providing all reference material and necessary information to work on your request.
- I may decline your request if it makes me uncomfortable. Refer to my TOS Section.
- Once I approve your request, I will request payment information for a Payoneer Invoice. Refer to my Prices Section for more details.